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Look What Happened In This Former Sanctuary City!

As we all know by now, Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave sanctuary cities a deadline, December 8, to come into compliance with certain immigration laws they’ve been skirting around for years, or face a loss of Federal funding. And, as we all know, a liberal judge from California has permanently blocked President Trump’s executive order on defunding sanctuary cities from Federal funding.

President Trump campaigned on the promise of making America safe again, and he’s trying as hard as he can, but these judges who legislate from the bench continue to prove to be obstructionists.

Many people claim that defunding sanctuary cities will have no affect on crime or safety, but we only need to look at what happened in Phoenix, Arizona once that city decided to no longer be a sanctuary city.

Folks, it’s common sense. If criminals, especially criminals who are in our country illegally, know they can find safe haven in certain cities, that’s where they will flock to in numbers. When you take away their sanctuary, they no longer feel protected, and they don’t congregate in mass, and as we can see from what happened in Phoenix, those cities become safer.

Do you agree with our line of reasoning? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • prstewart

    That’s not hacktivist Anonymous. That is just someone posting anonymously. I was a bit confused as well when I first read it yesterday. But if you read the entire thread (and others) there are many people posting anonymously; each has a different id number (see in green after name ‘Anonymous’).

    • Lady

      I guess they are joining the band wagon? Takes the stress off Anonymous. LOL

    • Richard Benjamin Todd

      Are you for real? It’s called 4chan. You can’t post on the boards except anonymously.

      • prstewart

        Relax. It’s all good. I was simply clarifying that it was not big A Anonymous. And no actually I’ve never spent enough time on 4chan to know or notice that everyone is (small a) anonymous. Didn’t know; don’t care. Have a nice day!

  • Coasty

    Frankly I don’t care who put the story out there – that’s not the point. I care about the story itself!

    • Linda

      The story is fake. You should care about who put out the lies and why the story was put out. O, I forgot you are a Hillary flunky, so you want to push lying HIllary’s lies. Hillary works for the U.S. cabal under the Bush tent. U.S. cabal has paid Internet paid posters for at least the last 16 yeats.

      Hillary is a CROOK and a liar.

      • Coasty

        Linda, Carol…You both apparently got the wrong impression (maybe for good reason). I am and have been for TRUMP 2016 since last year when he announced his candidacy. But I still care more about this story (whether Anonymous had anything to do with it or not) because the liberal false rants are coming to light like crazy. Many people think Anonymous is a subversive group that is ultimately bad for America. I don’t know that for a fact and that’s why I said I don’t care who put the story out there — but I care about the story itself. hillary, bill, obama are forces for evil. They are vile and corrupt human beings and the worst of the worst that have occupied OUR White House. I want their butts out never to return. And that’s my story and I’m stickin to it.

    • Carol Watson

      It is really amazing how stupid people are but when you see what they write and how they believe lies its really showing their ignorance.

  • Amanda Harper

    Taft, Hoover, Johnson, Nixon, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Roosevelt. Aside from the fact that these men were all president, they have one other thing in common…. I was surprised to discover that they all became president as a result of winning the write-in vote in the primary phase of the election process.

    The moral of the story? Neither Hillary, nor Trump have to win the presidential election. If you don’t like them, please still cast your vote…be it for Bernie (who, in my opinion is far better than and certainly not so corrupt as Hillary) or Cruz or whoever.

    Perhaps it’s time to disrupt this election and turn the tide in favor of better candidates. If enough people do it, things could be drastically different for the better. Just a thought.

    • Frankr433

      and ensure a Hillary win. Are you a fucking moron? This is serious shit, one of Putins prime ministers said if Hillary wins it will guarantee a war between USA and Russia.

      • Frankr433

        Are you prepared for a nuke war?

    • Coasty

      Amanda, your thought may have some validity BUT not at this time. There are 2 candidates running. Voting for anyone else is a vote for that corrupt, evil, vile hillary who will, as Frankr433 states, most like take us into war. Don’t be fooled, she is not liked worldwide bcuz they know what many Americans don’t know — she’s an evil person who has done evil things. Rearranging the system needs to be done BUT NOT NOW, NOT YET.


    FOR ME THE FAKE STORY IS EGUAL WITH 0000000000000000

  • Jeffrey Sterling

    True or not anyone else would be in prison for what Hillary has done …. I take that back people who have done far far less than Hillary have been sent to Prison while she gets off scot free … or maybe she used her money for favors foundation money to buy her way out

  • Jenna McCoy

    I generally don’t trust stuff from Reddit. Wait till the actual emails are released.