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BREAKING: Another Democrat Congressman Under Fraud Investigation By Feds!

Of course the mainstream media isn’t going to tell you about this, because it’s a story about one of their darlings who’s gotten in trouble. But we have no problem telling you about it.

It looks like yet ANOTHER corrupt Democratic politician is under FBI investigation, and this time, for actually paying one of his opponents in the 2012 election to drop out of the race.

Online media outlet GotNews has reported that Philadelphia Congressman Bob Brady, of Philadelphia, is under FBI investigation for making false statements, conspiracy and campaign fraud. The investigation centers around Brady’s 2012 election campaign in which it is alleged that he paid his opponent, one of his Democratic primary challengers, $90,000 to drop out of the race.

Wow! So if this really happened, we really have TWO corrupt Democratic politicians on our hands here. The one who paid the money and the one who took the bribe.

According to the report, prosecutors believe they have “probably cause” on Brady, and evidence that the bribe took place.

And again, you’ll hear NOTHING about this in the mainstream media.

Do you think the mainstream media favors Democrats over Republicans? Yeah, we know it’s a stupid question, but we thought we’d ask. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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