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Breaking! Trump Just Made ISIS Pay For New York City Terrorist Attack!

ISIS has learned quickly that things are different under the new leadership of the U.S. That would be mostly that our new President, Donald J. Trump, unlike our old President- and we all remember who he was- does NOT believe in “containment.” He believes in one thing and one thing only when it comes to fighting America’s enemies, and that is total annihilation!

Only months after President Trump took office, ISIS ended up broke (many would say because the other guy wasn’t there to fund them anymore), and they’ve all but been defeated in Iraq and Syria.

A few scattered strongholds of ISIS remains in the Middle East, but after the terror network claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s terror attack in New York, those scattered remains were put on blast, per the President’s directives.

President Trump said, while campaigning, promised he’d be ISIS’s worst nightmare. So far, that’s just ANOTHER campaign promise that he’s kept, because it’s proven to be true.

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  • Fahrvergnugen

    “Liable.” Fucking morons.

  • Joseph Price

    Destroy the NYT….take everyone responsible from the reporter to the CEO. Freeze all assets, toss them in jail, and shut down the NYT for good. They should not have media protection under the first amendment because they are a propaganda machine, not a viable, legitimate news source.