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Boom! Fox News Just CRUSHED CNN! Look…

CNN has come under constant fire, especially in the past two years, for continuously running fake news story after fake news story, and it appears as if it’s all finally caught up to them, by seeing the network win a huge nod from the Collins Dictionary, who just declared their word for the year for 2017 to be “fake news.” Even though “fake news” is a two word phrase, Collins made an exception this year in light of the fact that the phrase has seen a near 400% increase in usage in the American language, thanks largely, to CNN.

If there’s one network that CNN’s Tom Foolery is good for, it’s their conservative rival, Fox News. Check out these ratings!

Read it and weep, CNN. Maybe if you got back to real news, and got away from fake news, you’d be back in the running.

But then again, maybe not.

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