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Breaking!!! Nancy Pelosi Just Lost Her Mind On CNN!!

Nanny Nancy Pelosi needs help. With the words that come out of her mouth on a regular basis- regular as in every time she opens her mouth- she makes it more and more apparent that she’s suffering from dementia. She must be, after what she just said on CNN.

Nanny Nancy actually took to the Clinton News Network, the biggest name in Fake News, and THANKED criminal illegal aliens for bringing their children into the U.S. illegally.

Will someone please put her in a home?

Check out the video of this idiot making these comments below.

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  • Bob Kent

    Hey dipshits…. His name is PRESIDENT TRUMP… MR PRESIDENT… But for you to call him Trump shows your disrespect… Sit down shut up or go back where you came from . your parents broke our laws and You’re no better

  • Hummingbird

    Idiots illegal dreamers are more important than people born from centuries here on this continent when will anyone who doesn’t get it understand that illegal means against the law if I break the law are you going to feel bad for me and remove my crime because I’m a dreamer of a better life bulshit

  • Hummingbird

    That’s okay DACA just stay in California your mommy Pelosi will take good good care of you but now we want the wall on the Eastside of California because this is exactly why we need the wall between Mexico and United States and not only that terrorists are coming in through Mexico’s border to America so Deca people pack up and move to California if you’re already there stay put you’re in good hands with your demon Kratts