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Look what’s dropped by 70% since Trump took office! Yep, you guessed it!

President Trump electrified the nation during last year’s Presidential campaign tour. He brought back hope for Americans and our American way of life which had long been dead, especially under the tutelage of recently ousted, failed U.S. President B. Hussein Obama, who proved to be the President for the rest of the world, especially Middle Eastern interests, rather than the President of the United States.

One of the things President Trump campaigned on was immigration reform. He promised to build a big, beautiful wall on our border with Mexico to keep undesirable aliens from entering our country illegally, forcing those immigrants that are safe to come here to wait in line, pay their fees, and be fully vetted before coming.

It seems that our neighbors to the south of the border are so intimidated by President Trump’s stance on illegal immigration that the wall hasn’t even been necessary to get them to stop their illegal entering into our great nation.

Check this out, via Sean Spicer’s Twitter account.

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  • Frank Brown

    Quite frankly women who were offended by Mr. Trumps “Locker room” comments are bunch of hypocrites. I was raised by a single Mom, with two sisters, I’ve been married twice and have three grown daughters. I have been present when they and their friends got together and talked trash. It would make a sailor blush and a Longshoreman plug his ears. So, let’s put this “Holier Than Thou” B/S a side and get back to the problems we need to fix in our country.

    As for Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republican Party Traitors I hope you are ALL on a fast train out of DC. Lets also hope there’s a nice cold room waiting for Hillary at the “Gray Bar Hotel”.

  • hiphop

    Ryan you better never run for president, you are a disgrace to the American people.

  • Pieter Schoonheim Samara

    No. It says that Ryan’s wife, who is an executive at NBC, knew about the tape and on behalf of the Never Trump crowd lead by Ryan, was able to leak it before NBC, which squeamishly planned the leak Monday after the debate. From the whole Never Trump RINOs in unison disavowing Trump, it’s obvious they had for knowledge and colluded with the Hillary crowd to get it done.

  • Debra Mulgrew


    • Johnny Dreadnaught

      I grabbed some this morning!