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Breaking: Germany Is Under Attack!!!

The world is no longer as safe as it once was. In the past, at least nations had the luxury of knowing who their enemies were. They wore uniforms. There was generally a buildup of animosity before an attack, so most folks knew one was coming and they knew to prepare.

Today, however, our enemy blends in among the crowd and attacks like cowards. However, we’re not just talking about those who practice Jihad, usually coming into our Western nations under the guise of refugees. We’re also talking about born and bread nationalized citizens who hate their lives so much that they go out to destroy everyone else’s.

Yes, we’re talking about the snowflakes of ANTIFA, and as of right now, they are burning the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany to the ground, in protest of the G-20 summit.

Don’t believe it? Check out the TWO videos at the bottom of this story for proof.

Video 1

Video 2

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