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BREAKING: Trump Just Launched The Military Strike!!!

After 8 years of recently ousted, failed U.S. President B. Hussein Obama pussy-footing around and doing nothing against one of the worst humanitarian regimes in history, President Trump proved only three months into office that he means business. He just launched approximately 40 cruise missiles into Syria after the Muslim led regime gassed its own citizens.

Fox News reports:

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  • Roger

    “something strange going on” .. indeed !
    We see them, bogus warnings, multiple pop-ups, etc … This perspective, one that I (we) know for a fact to be true, and from a trusted patriot’s FB page .. three consecutive times, when I clicked on the story, I was “re-directed” (away from the page) !

    .. if “they” can rig an election, they can get here

    • Lindsey

      This has been happening to me too!!! On multiple conservative websites and in my town northern Arizona our conservative talk station has mysteriously been off the air for about two weeks. Something strange is indeed happening

      • Roger

        .. and in golfing terms, that’s on player friendly courses.
        Add post deletions and blocked accounts, then it’s manipulation and deceit.

  • chisen

    Can’t wait to see Killery in handcuffs!!! GO TRUMP, GO PENCE!!! They are going to win like Regan did!!!