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JUST IN: Look What Was Just Spotted At US/Mexico Border – Trump Was Right…

If you listen to the liberals, you’d believe that everyone around the world hates America and Americans. However, THIS writer has visited nearly 20 foreign countries throughout the years, and has found out personally and first hand that this is NOT true. However, what is true, is that MOST of the rest of the world, especially developing nations (actually, they’re “third world”- there’s NO development going on), are insanely jealous of America and Americans. You see, they want our lifestyle, but they are unwilling to do the work we do and continue to do to earn and then maintain our lifestyle.

Secondly, most of the third world thinks that America and Americans are stupid suckers, because we let foreigners who aren’t even from here, let alone in our country legally, run amok, and be afforded the same rights as naturally born, legal, U.S. citizens. And this isn’t even getting into the gobs of foreign aid we send them to squander and NOT use to improve their countries.

The story below, written by Mr. Conservative, sourced from Western Journalism, illustrates how the new sheriff in town, President Donald J. Trump, is FINALLY sending a different message to the scabs of the world, and it’s about damn time!

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  • Ed Van Zyl

    Even with her cheating she will not get elected but after what she did to Bernie what did everyone expect.