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BREAKING: It’s Happening! Republicans Will Go Nuclear

It looks like Cry Baby Chucky Schumer is going to make the Republicans go nuclear!

Schumer, by way of Twitter, below, has announced that he is going to demand the 60 vote threshold requirement to confirm Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court:

Here’s the Political Insider‘s take on it all, by way of RedState Watcher:

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  • Dave Nesbitt

    This is 100% true. Unfortunately, Americans still do not believe in nor understand how the MK Ultra program worked. Therefore, this will not be usable by trump to tell the truth about Clinton’s perversions. Sad too. What happened to Cathy O’brien was truly a national disgrace.

    However, I think Trump should have O’Brien in the front row of his box seats. I doubt the campaign would even know who that is. Hitlary sure would though and she’d freak out.

  • dennam

    Limitations on that have expired.

  • Olsoljer

    Those [email protected]%#s have no idea how many “guns” were in a 100 mile radius if shots had been fired. There will be no more Waco or Ruby Ridge without paying a very high price.