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BREAKING! Secret Service reaches final decision on agent that said they wouldn’t take a bullet for Trump!

Story updated3-19-2017-

You probably remember hearing about this about six weeks ago…

Over the past couple of days, we’ve run stories on a senior Secret Service agent, Kerry O’Grady, who’d served on the Service for 23 years, who beginning last year, went on a tirade of social media posts AGAINST President Donald Trump, which included making statements that she’d rather go to jail than to take a bullet for President Trump, and in October, going as far as endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton for President.

Secret Service agents are held to the standard of protecting the life and welfare of ANY President, despite party affiliate or personal beliefs, and they are to remain unbiased and NEVER publicly endorse one President or Presidential candidate over another.

As such, Miss O’Grady has been disciplined in a very life shattering way.

Media outlet The Washington Examiner is reporting today that Miss O’Grady has been expelled from the group of retired Secret Service agents. Further, she loses all access to any privileges or benefits that being in the group afforded her for life.

Now, if we can just get them to hand down a similar punishment to Madonna for her comments about blowing up the White House. Say, oh, I don’t know…


***Update break- It’s been announced as of this update- 3-19-2017- that Miss O’Grady has been completely FIRED and wiped out of the secret service database, and she’ll never be able to enter their offices again.

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