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Breaking! President Trump Just Responded To Mexico’s Threat And It Is BRUTAL!

We, the United States of America, are building a wall on our soft, porous, southern border with Mexico.


Yesterday, the Mexican Government threatened to “pull out of NAFTA” if President Trump were to be too mean in his negotiations with them in regard to how THEY will pay for the wall. As we said yesterday, please DO pull out of NAFTA to keep us from having to pull out of our one sided arrangements with you in regard to that terrible, terrible trade deal.

Well, anyway, President Trump just responded to Mexico’s snowflakish threat with THIS post on his Donald Trump Facebook page:

President Trump made it clear to the American people while he was campaigning. He, as our President, would NOT allow our country to continue to be taken advantage of by these cunning, third world peasant nations, expecting us to just give them OUR money because we have so much more than they do. It is OUR money, and we have a right to keep it, and we have EVERY right to secure our borders!

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