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The Organizer For The DC Woman’s March Was Just Exposed and It’s REALLY Bad

Linda Sarsour, above, is one of the main organizers of the women’s march in Washington. As anyone with half a brain might suspect, anyone who has a problem with our new President, Donald J. Trump, and his “America first” agenda obviously has a problem with America.

Lo and behold, it turns out that Miss Sarsour, allegedly, has ties to financiers of Hamas. She was recently spotted at a huge Islamic fundraiser in Chicago, ironically B. Hussein Obama’s hometown, rubbing elbows with known Hamas financiers. At an Islamic event she recently attended in Milwaukee, she posed for a picture with terrorist Salah Sarsour, a man who was actually jailed for his ties with Hamas.

In the picture below, she can be clearly seen flashing the ISIS unity finger.

Again, anyone who has a problem with President Trump’s America first agenda has a problem with America, and little Miss Sarsour is the proof in the pudding anyone would ever need.

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