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Look who owned the limo torched by violent anti-Trump rioters

Fearing that America was going to be destroyed under the leadership of our new President, Donald J. Trump, liberals from all over the country took to the streets this past weekend…

… to destroy America.

One of the most viral images of the macabre display of indignance, the image above, of a limo that was trashed and burned by those tolerant, liberal protesters in D.C. comes with quite a bit of irony.

Guess to whom the limo belongs?

A Muslim immigrant!

That’s right. One of the folks for whom the tolerant liberals claim to be the champions got his limo trashed and burned during the mass temper tantrum of the century.

The limo owners name is Muhammad Ashraf, and he is the owner of Nationwide Chauffeur Services. He said in an interview with Red Alert Politics, a sister publication of the Washington Examiner, that he was not a Trump supporter, but that he did not believe the violent protests which took place over inauguration weekend, and which cost him a perfectly good limo, was the way to go.

The limo’s driver, Ashraf’s employee, had to be rushed to the hospital for cuts on his hands and face from the glass which flew into the car when the tolerant liberals began destroying it.

Ashraf also noted that in more than 20 years of being in business, nothing like this has ever happened.

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  • Lynn B

    What BULL SHIT — 4 months — should be 4 YEARS !!!!!just keep letting them off — and you wonder why they just keep doing it !!!!! so what about the cost of everything he destroyed ? who is paying that ???? American Tax Payers that’s who !!!