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Breaking:Obama’s Final “Gift” In The Last Hours of His Presidency Was Just Exposed and It’s Bad

B. Hussein Obama will officially go down in history as being one of Jimmy Carter’s best good buddies, as he replaced him in holding the title of the most ineffective President of the last century.

Hussein Obama was never a friend of America or our allies, and he continuously was a thorn in the side of Israel, choosing to side with terrorists like the Palestinian Authority, and even going out of his way to create ISIS, rather than standing strongly with Israel and eradicating the radical Islamic terrorists who infest the Middle East from the face of the earth.

On his way out of the White House, just hours before the inauguration of our new President, Donald J. Trump, Hussein Obama gifted the Palestinian Authority a YUGE amount of money to continue funding their terrorist activities.

Hussein Obama did his best to set Donald Trump up for failure, but unfortunately for him, and fortunately for America, Donald Trump doesn’t understand the meaning of the word fail.

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